February 11, 2022

Extended make commands in laravel


I have created a Laravel package that adds new make commands to your app.

You can install the package via composer

composer require --dev xammie/make-commands


After you have installed it the following commands will be available.

Create a action class in app/Actions

php artisan make:action CreateUserAction

Create an enum in app/Enums

php artisan make:enum OrderStatusEnum

Create a service class in app/Services

php artisan make:service PaymentService

Create a contract interface in app/Contracts

php artisan make:contract CreatesUserContract

Create a dto class in app/Dtos

php artisan make:dto RestRequestObject

These commands can be useful if you use these kinds of classes in your Laravel app.

Changing the stubs

Sometimes its useful to alter the content of the stubs. This is also possible with make-commands. You can publish that stubs with the following command.

php artisan vendor:publish --tag="make-commands-stubs"

It will copy the stub files into /stubs.

You could for example make the action class invokable instead of having a handle method.


namespace {{ namespace }};

class {{ class }}
    public function __invoke()